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il team building per i tuoi eventi

Team Building Now

The best team building ideas for your corporate events

The first team building company in Italy and Switzerland specialized in the construction, motivation and development of corporate work groups, using innovative experiential training.


Team building realtà aumentata

Incredible solutions for the gamification of your event using augmented reality

team building realtà virtuale
Virtual reality

Team building exercises with virtual reality to take your event into the future

team building drone experience

Team building drone experience takes you to experience exciting challenges like a true top gun.

team building robot

The first team building using robotics. Assemble your Robot, program it and guide it in exciting challenges using your smartphone or tablet.

Guinness world record team building
social teambuilding for companies
BOMB. A briefcase breaks into your meeting's a chemical bomb with very advanced technology. Will you be able to solve all the puzzles and find the code to stop the
countdown and save the world from the chemical apocalypse?
paintball team building for corporate events
FUORI DAL BOSCO. Le escape room ti hanno appassionato? ecco la soluzione outdoor che tanto aspettavi. Riuscirete a risolvere i numerosi rompicapo ed a raggiungere la zona di salvezza? UN ESPERIENZA UNICA, VIVILA CON IL TUO TEAM
social teambuilding for companies
TEAM BUILDING WITH AUGMENTED REALITY. The best treasure hunts and more, using augmented reality.
social teambuilding for companies
POINTINISM BUILDING. Build a work of art with nails, screws, hammers and screwdrivers. A creative team building activity with the art of pointillism
team building corporate geocaching, team treasure hunt
CACCIA AL TESORO O GEOCOACHING. Le più belle cacce al tesoro in città o in spazi aperti anche con l'ausilio di smartphone.
team building rugby
TEAM BUILDING RUGBY. A team building with unique sporting values. Take to the field with your company.
LIP DUB BUILDING. Let yourself be carried away by the music and create a fantastic Lip Dub experience with your colleagues.
paintball team building for corporate events
DRONE RACE, DRONE EXPERIENCE. Assemble the drone with your work team, customize it and tackle the various missions like a true Top Gun
paintball team building for corporate events
TRIBE'. Two or more teams divided in different places will have to try to evolve and create their comfort zone. An evolutionary challenge to excel. 
team building master chef, team cooking
TEAM BUILDING COOKING. Collaborate with your colleagues in an unforgettable corporate master chef.
incentives in Namibia for corporate events, team building in Namibia
 TEAM BUILDING NAMIBIA. Let us accompany you with activities specifically designed for corporate incentives in Namibia, South Africa or Botswana.
70s team building
POWER AND FLOWER. A team building to go back to the legendary 70s. Build the scenography and celebrate with a magical themed evening.
the funniest corporate grand prix ever
CRAZY CAR RACE. Un team building ingegneristico con l'obbiettivo di costruire un prototipo di auto per cimentarsi in una gara all'ultimo respiro.
descend into the arena with the chariot built for the most fun race ever
BEN the ancient Roman Chariot with your colleagues and descend into the arena.  Challenge and competition for honor and glory.
the funniest cardboard boat regatta ever held
CARTON BOAT. Build your own cardboard boat and compete with your opponents in an absolutely one-of-a-kind regatta.
Create an authentic masterpiece with your colleagues
COLOR. Create a great work of art with your colleagues.
Color brushes and lots of creativity in an artistic team building concept.
DOMINO EFFECT. A team building full of puzzles to earn countless domino pieces. Can you create the biggest domino effect ever seen?
create a design object with recycled material
DESIGN. Un team building creativo e un problem solving fantastico che condurrà i partecipanti a creare un oggetto di design con materiale di riciclo.
your orchestra in the company
TEAM BUILDING ORCHESTRA. Transform your company into a great orchestra.
le olimpiadi aziendali create per voi
OLYMPIC GAME. Lots of team games for a day full of Olympic spirit in the company of colleagues.
games and fun to recreate the great puzzle
BIG PUZZLE. The great challenge begins! Breathtaking and fun challenges to conquer the pieces of the great puzzle.
fun and communication for a unique event
TEAM BUILDING COMMUNICATION. A team building event with communication-based problem solving.
Fun and lots of team spirit.
a team building of games on the farm with colleagues
FARM TEAM BUILDING. team building with your colleagues that turns you into farmers for a day.
a treasure hunt on motorboats on the lake or at the sea
BOAT TREASURE HUNT. The best treasure hunts aboard boats on Swiss and Italian lakes.
create your company garden with this team building
ORTO IN UFFICIO.Riqualifica una parte della tua azienda creando un orto con i tuoi colleghi.
design and build a unique design object with a 3D pen
3D DESIGN. studia, progetta e realizza un fantastico oggetto di design con penna 3D
your escape room at any location for corporate events
ESCAPE ROOM. Will you be able to solve the numerous puzzles in an hour and leave your convention room victorious?
the best geolocalized treasure hunts for your team building events
GEOCACHING. Have fun with geolocated treasure hunts in a city, in the mountains or in wooded areas. All you need is a smartphone, we'll take care of the rest.
team building street marketing
STREET MARKETING.  the launch of a product  or one already known on the market? team building street marketing is the solution for you.
the best geolocalized treasure hunts for your team building events
CATAPULT.  An intense and fun challenge to build an old Roman war machine. 
build your own bobsled and compete in the craziest downhill in the world
CARTON BOB. A team building suitable for corporate events in mountain locations. build your own bob and try your hand at a breathtaking descent
INTEGRATION. Problem solvig studied ad hoc by our experts to achieve objectives on communication, integration and team working. 
a team building problem solving with pasta alone? spaghetti team building
SPAGHETTI TOWER. Un problem solving accattivante per un evento di breve durata ma di grande impatto.
create an advertisement with your colleagues
SPOT AWARDS. Create your company's commercial with your colleagues. transform your work team into a real communications agency for a day.
the gospel in the company
CORO GOSPEL. Trasforma la tua azienda o gruppo di lavoro in un grande coro Gospel. Emozione e spirito di squadra per un team building unico
adrenaline and many emotions for your corporate haka
HAKA. Riproduci la mitica danza Maori degli ALL BLACKS con i tuoi colleghi.
we create the box of chocolates for the corporate gift of the year
CHOCOLATE. Create delicious chocolates with your colleagues and package them in the best box created by the team for a fantastic corporate gift.
let's build the igloo with our colleagues
BUILDING IGLOO. The classic emergency shelter to build with your colleagues for a high-altitude winter team building.
a survival expert guides you on a day to discover tricks and secrets that can save your life
SURVIVAL. A course on survival techniques to experience with your colleagues. Do you accept the challenge with nature?
WINTER OLYMPIC GAME. your games without borders in the best mountain locations in Switzerland and Italy.
your snow bbar for the most beautiful mountain aperitif ever
SNOW BAR. Have fun with your colleagues in a team building that will allow you to build a designer bar entirely with snow.
the best team buildings on Lake Maggiore
TEAM BUILDING LAKE MAGGIORE. The best team buildings on Lake Maggiore in Stresa, Baveno and Verbania.
the corporate harlem shake to have fun and break the mold
HARLEM SHAKE. Energizing and fun. Let's create your corporate Harlem Shake with this team building
shoot a documentary with your colleagues. team building culture
DOCUMENTARY. A fascinating activity that will lead participants to discover cities or naturalistic places, with the aim of creating a true documentary. 
the best geolocalized treasure hunts for your team building events
TEAM SAILING. The sailing regatta as a means to train your team.
team building wind energy
WIND ENERGY. Exciting team building to enhance the clean energy provided by the wind. Let's build wind turbines together and turn on a customized LED panel.
pixel art building
PIXEL ART BUILDING.  Each individual pixel art to create a great work of art all together.
the best geolocalized treasure hunts for your team building events
TABLE FOOTBALL BUILDING. Build a cardboard football table with your work team, personalize it and challenge the other teams in the best tournament ever.
Arco team building
DYNAMIC ARC.  an alternative to paintball or soft air immersed in nature with bows and arrows.
pipeline building
PIPELINE BUILDING.  A unique engineering goal, will the participants be able to conduct water from one area to another without losing a drop?
teambuilding sociali per aziende
paintball team building for corporate events
SOCIAL TEAM BUILDING. Your work team involved in a solidarity project.
PAINTBALL. Vivi l' esperienze di un team building paintball o un team building laser tag. Strategia, disciplina, leadership e motivazione per raggiungere l'obbiettivo.


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