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anni 70 building
anni 70 team building

POWER AND FLOWER: The  70s themed party with your colleagues 

Are you a lover of fashion and times gone by? Would you have liked to be born in the legendary 70s? Unfortunately, changing the past is not possible, but having a memorable party is! If you need to organize an original, fun and innovative party, why not take inspiration from those fantastic years? Tony Manero and Saturday Night Fever will be just a distant memory! Your group won't talk about anything other than your party for a long time! In this short guide we will provide you with some useful advice on how to organize a 70s party. Follow all the instructions in the guide below and you won't regret it!


Let's recreate the legendary 70s with this team building to liven up our incentive or a splendid themed corporate evening.

Once the material has been delivered, participants will have to create their own 70s party.

Imaginative creativity and lots of fun for an event of the highest level.

Colors, harmony and lots of music will flavor this extravagant team building.


This event is highly recommended for incentive trips and a themed evening following team building.

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