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fuori dal bosco team building
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Team Building nel bosco
fuori dal bosco
fuori dal bosco
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FUORI DAL BOSCO. Il primo escape game outdoor

An exclusive Team Now team building.

We have finally left the escape room and created the first outdoor solution to the game that has revolutionized all the cities of Europe.

are you tired of being locked in a room for an hour, but do you like escape rooms?

This is the solution for you. Here's the firstoutdoor escape game.

What do we need to organize you OUTSIDE THE FOREST?

Simply a wooded area, we'll take care of the rest.

We will set up the space with timed devices, traps, enigmas and puzzles and we will make you spend 4/8 hours outdoors in a very fun, technological and adrenaline-filled activity.

Will you be able to get out of the woods?

CONTACT US We will be happy to give you more information on this

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