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Thanks to a great passion for Africa and in particular for the southern part (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi), Team Now is able to organize or support three corporate teams for the organization of incentive trips and team building in these countries.


We make use of on-site collaborations in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa, we are also naturalistic experts and survival experts, we can accompany groups on safaris or experiences in close contact with local communities or tribes.



A land where colors are the protagonists, because in this country the lights create extraordinary plays on the dunes, along the coast, among the greenery of the immense Etosha National Park, from dawn to dusk, creating changing paintings of extraordinary beauty; but above all a land that wanted to elevate the colors as a symbol of its characteristic aspects, in the flag that represents it in the world. 

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Let's discover the places and animals together, let's experience the wild and primordial life of the bush men together, let's savor the taste of returning to nature with a unique team building in Africa.


The Bushmen, or San, have populated southern Africa for at least 30,000 years and are considered among the oldest peoples in the world. The Bushmen, now estimated at around 100,000 people across Southern Africa, are nomadic hunters and gatherers who move across the harsh territory of the Kalahari, managing to survive thanks to their exceptional adaptability and knowledge of nature.
By following the waterways and entering the bush (the typical African vegetation made up of low plants and bushes) they manage to obtain the game and edible plants they need, as well as the medicinal plants useful for healing themselves.

This trip of ours also has the particularity of being disconnected from the rules of organized trips and their "times", everything is managed and aimed at creating fascinating shots.

Led by trainers with great experience and knowledge of peoples and places, we will venture out safely in search of the truest sensations, of African rhythms, of the most traditional populations of this great continent with rich and uncontaminated natural environments.

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