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teambuilding rugby
team building rugby
team building rugby


Why team building rugby?
Rugby is one of the most exciting and effective tools for corporate team building: colleagues from the same company, with different roles, ages and genders, get involved in a day dedicated to the principles of Rugby and fun. Rugby is used as a metaphorical model of "teamwork" because it is a sport where the spirit of sacrifice and collaboration are fundamental to achieving objectives. Its principles (motivation, advancement, support, teamwork, leadership, tenacity, striving for results, harmony) are basic for every team and the organizational model on which it is based can be effectively applied to the world of work. The experience on the Rugby field, seen by many as something distant and almost unattainable for reasons of age, sex and physical condition, once carried out allows one to change one's opinions and beliefs and to work on one's identity within the working group. On the field, teams are measured by their ability to work as a team, support their teammates, trust and act unitedly towards the goal. Everyone feels co-responsible for the successes and failures of the team. Everyone gives their best with a view to full involvement, collaboration and mutual support. In a winning team, the competition between players transforms into a search for personal technical excellence in the awareness that the collectively achievable result is far superior to any individual result. In a winning team, it is the clarity of the shared vision that allows us to maintain tension towards the objective and organize the complementary skills of individuals into an effective whole. In a winning team there is a constant tension of the individuals and the group towards the development of the skills essential to the management of the biological, emotional and intellectual dynamics implicit in sporting competition. And there is no shortage of moments of reflection and contextualization in the corporate environment and the famous "third time" to seal an exciting experience. It gives satisfaction on a personal level, it strengthens self-confidence: people who don't play sports discover the competitive spirit and abilities they didn't know they had because rugby forces them to dare, to overcome their limits and their beliefs. Throwing yourself on the pitch on the green grass to be able to throw yourself into the company and into life: rugby makes groups more homogeneous and makes everyone feel equal.



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