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drone experience-team building
teambuilding drone
teambuilding drone
teambuilding drone experience
team building top gun droni
drone experience-team building
drone race 5
team building drone experience
team building drone experience


Take control of your drone and challenge opposing teams in true top gun missions.

An exclusive Team Now team building.

A team building that takes you into the future.

Two possible scenarios depending on budget and time available.

  1. The best case scenario involves the construction by each work team of a real racing drone resulting in a race on the prepared circuit.

  2. The second activity that can be done in just half a day is flight training with drones with missions to carry out or obstacles to overcome on a circuit prepared by us.


Some examples of challenges we propose:

The Drone Race:

  • Defend your team colors, challenge your opponents in a safe and equipped circuit. Each team member contributes and all participants must overcome obstacles in the shortest time possible, without making a mistake;

  • When the drone hits obstacles its flight stops, so be careful and use your reflexes.


Agility Test:

  • During this test the objective is no longer speed but control. Agility and skill in maneuvering are the characteristics of this challenge which asks participants to form teams to pilot the drone, the whole team is also involved in this test.


Freestyle Contest:

  • This test uses creativity and drone control. The challenge is to fly a drone freely and the only limit is your imagination. You will have two minutes to challenge your opponents with tricks in the air to create the most creative route.


And at the end...the photos or the footage of the final Flashmob of your entire group from the Drone flying above you, a real spectacle!

Both team building activities can be carried out on request with the use of FPV glasses which allow you to pilot the drones as if you were in the cockpit in a unique and unforgettable experience.

Team building drone experience is an absolute novelty for Team Now 2017.

CONTACT US We will be happy to give you more information on this

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