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A creative and fun team building with pasta.

Is it possible to create bridges, towers or other architectural structures using classic Italian Pasta? How many kilos can a bridge made of spaghetti support?

Every year the students of the Engineering course at the University of Brighton challenge themselves by testing their creativity and engineering skills in the design and creation of a model of a bridge entirely made using spaghetti and other types of pasta. The rules are simple, one kilo of pasta for the construction of a bridge which will have to support a weight for at least 20 seconds. The winners this year achieved a truly impressive result, their bridge supported a weight of 48kg, incredible, even though the University's historical record is 86kg.

As often happens, a simple game hides a high level of organizational commitment, careful planning, teamwork and attention to the constraints exposed.

The "spaghetti tower team building" is a fun-training team building that and has been offering for some time, the creation of a spaghetti tower is a fun activity not to be underestimated and not to be taken too much lightly if you don't want to run into catastrophic collapses. All the fundamental ingredients of Team Building are present in this challenge.

Work planning, division of tasks, participation in a shared and collective project, all aspects that need to be addressed in the "simple" construction of a spaghetti tower.

The participants in our activities are not technicians or super engineers but with good will and good teamwork we also boast respectable records, the tallest spaghetti tower ever built in one of our Team Buildings measures the beauty of 1 .52 meters and supported a chocolate egg at its top for more than a minute.

The "Pasta Building" activity is perfect for events with little time available, for a fun moment before a dinner or as a test to be included within a broader and more complex training course.

There are many variations, you can have challenges between different groups or different tables during a dinner, you can link the construction to a single project for all the participants, you can ask to create different structures such as bridges or towers using one of the typical Italian products that made us famous all over the world: pasta.





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