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The best trainers say that the sailing regatta is the most effective outdoor training-sports tool!

On a sailing boat it is possible to recreate any business dynamic, because:

  • it is an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone without any restrictions regarding experience, age or gender; no one will feel excluded!

  • the moments experienced leave a strong emotional trace in everyone's memory

  • it is a set of life "evidence" capable of becoming incredibly effective metaphors

  • it is a stimulating alternative that at the same time increases teamwork, motivation and a sense of leadership in the participants together with harmony, discipline and mutual trust.


Sailing is a complex activity that deeply involves, creates expectations, forces people to really get to know each other, stimulates them to learn, offers everyone an important role, requires a sense of responsibility, commits deeply and produces tangible, measurable and comparable results .

In the forced coexistence that takes place on a boat, in which everyone is outside their own "comfort zone", sailing activity merges with everyone's experience and background, allowing profound reflections on group dynamics and leadership , on the roles within one's work team, on group management strategies and on the ability to be "teammen" by renouncing personalism.

A close-knit team is not born automatically, due to the simple fact that some people are "in the same boat", but from a training process that occurs gradually, with learning and experience.

And it is precisely the sailing experience that allows the construction of a crew, or rather a team, in a very short time.

The sailing boat, therefore, turns out to be perhaps the most complete metaphor for the functioning of a company.

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